Breast Pump vs Breast Pump… Be Sure You Know What You Are Getting!

The Affordable Care Act has given new rise to breast pumps and breastfeeding benefits and rights. At “no-cost” to the insured party, insurances will not be providing breastfeeding support including lactation consulting/support, as well as a breast pump.

But – beware and be sure to contact your insurance provider to verify what EXACTLY they will provide for you. Many insurance plans have been sneaking by these guidelines by giving new mothers a hand pump for manual expression of breast milk. It is a “breast pump” albeit a shy excuse for saving some pennies. Other plans have been contracting off-brand personal pumps for distribution.

And the kicker – many distributors are out of pumps! The contracted manufacturers are unable to keep up with the demand. Some are 3-4 weeks out, and in some cases they have been reported to be 3-4 MONTHS out.

Typically, a rental of a hospital-grade breast pump is covered if your baby must remain hospitalized and mom is discharged from the hospital, or there is a congenital failure in baby (cleft pallet or tongue tied) that limits their ability to feed directly from the breast.

However, moms that are in need of assistance to reach full milk production after giving birth or are looking to exclusively pump will not be successful on a light duty personal pump – especially a manual pump.

To either cover the gap between when an insurance provided pump arrives, or to help establish milk supply and production, new moms should consider the rental of a hospital grade pump. Most hospitals with full maternity/delivery care can provide mom with a hospital grade accessory kit (valued at $50+) during their stay that can be used on a hospital grade rental. Often a 1 month rental of a current market, hospital grade, double electric pump to facilitate the needs of a mom can be rented for $50-$65 dollars. And, that comes with FREE delivery to your home and FREE pick up when you have concluded your rental period. For more information, or to schedule a delivery – call today!

Keep your baby SAFE – get your breast pump delivered!

Arizona has recently been recognized as a hotbed for Pertussis or “Whooping Cough,” and Serenity Feeding wants you to be prepared and safe!

All of Serenity Feeding’s staff has been vaccinated for Pertussis to keep you, and your new bundle of joy safe. Call Serenity Feeding to have your hospital grade breast pump and other breast feeding supplies delivered right to your home by our Pertussis vaccinated staff!

Your primary care physician, many ob/gyn’s, and the Walgreen’s in store clinics have the TDaP (Pertussis) immunizations available. It is recommended that you and your family all receive the immunization. It is even covered under most insurance policies!

More information on Pertussis:

ABC 15 – Whooping Cough

CDC – Pertussis Info

Don’t risk your baby’s health! Let Serenity Feeding bring your breast feeding needs right to you.

FREE HOME DELIVERY: Avondale, Ahwatukee, Chandler, East Valley, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, North Phoenix, Phoenix, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, West Valley

Your Baby Knows…

Did you know that your baby is pre-wired to rustle around and make their way to your breasts? Like any other mammal, they will slide themselves around on your body until they reach their destination for nourishment! Of course, your encouragement of the baby goes a very long way in making breastfeeding successful, too, so don’t sell yourself short!

Breastfeeding is a very important bond between mother and child, and is a great way to escape the noise of other daily responsibilities for a little relaxation and quiet (Father’s can be a big help here by taking over some of mom’s responsibilities and allowing her the break to escape).

Here are a couple of videos put out by Ameda in their breastfeeding resources on some breastfeeding basics, and your babies instincts!

Breastfeeding Basics

Your Baby Knows How To Latch On

Get Your Learn On!

The La Leche League of Arizona ( is having a Community Enrichment Workshop on Breastfeeding!

It’s an all day event on September 9th, 2012 at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Decorated Guest Speaker Kittie Frantz will be on hand sharing experiences and first hand breastfeeding knowledge. There will be snacks drinks during the breaks as well as a silent auction. In fact, Serenity Feeding Supplies will be supplying a gift basket for the raffle! You could win a free hospital grade breast pump rental and more!

You can follow this link to register or just find out more information! Hope to see you there!

Ouch! Breastfeeding is too much work/pain!

You have probably heard one, or more, of the following:

Breastfeeding is a breeze!

Don’t worry, you’ll be great at it.

It’s the natural way. The baby knows what it’s doing and you just follow along.

I breastfed all my children and never had a problem.

Breastfeeding is so easy and convenient!

… And if you have had someone tell you any of those (or other renditions) you have also probably wanted to go back and smack them.

To some, breastfeeding is all those things; however, to the majority of moms trying to breastfeed, it is not that simple. When you are first starting out breastfeeding, your baby may have trouble getting a good latch which makes it uncomfortable for you and most importantly, baby isn’t getting enough milk leaving them cranky and hungry. You may not have enough milk to suffice baby’s hunger. You may encounter engorgement and find it incredibly painful to feed baby.

The one thing we do believe in is this: don’t worry – you’ll get through this. And, we are here to help.

If you are feeling full, and uncomfortable, do not let it get any worse and do not prolong it. Engorgement (can become mastitis) and cause infection. And, that’s bad – with implications that could be as bad as an end to breastfeeding and milk supply. Pumping after feedings to empty the breast is the easiest and most effective way to prevent this. If you do not have a pump, you can give yourself a breast massage targeting the lymph nodes under the armpit as well as the milk glands in the breast itself to initiate your “letdown reflex.”

You can start by putting the palm of your hand to the side of your breast, with your fingers in your armpit. Move your hand slightly back, but primarily straight up. Do this 7-10 times. You should feel a slight “burning sensation” that is different than a sore muscle feeling. If you do not, that’s okay too. Next, put on hand on the top of your breast, and cup the bottom of your breast with your other hand. Apply light squeezing pressure while pulling up on your breast 7-10 times. With your hand in the same position apply the squeezing pressure while pulling your breast straight back into your chest. Again, 7-10 times should do it. Most times, you will feel a difference between the breast you have just completed and the breast you are about to start. If you need help, here is an instructional video.

Pumping will also help to stimulate your body to create more milk, increasing your supply, and giving baby a full tummy. It is not uncommon for a supply to start out a little less than what baby is craving, and pumping in between feedings can send all the right signals to your brain and body causing it to supply more milk for the demand!

Have Serenity Feeding Supplies deliver a hospital grade breast pump to your door today and have a more pleasant experience with your little one, including a steady supply for a full tummy!

Do you live in Phoenix? How about the surrounding metro areas? Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Maricopa, Queen Creek, or San Tan Valley? You get FREE delivery and pick up of any hospital grade pump rental!

The Best Pump For You

Everyone is different, and every experience breastfeeding is going to differ from the next. That’s why we have different styles of pumps!

Are you looking to build your supply because your little one came early? Or, you are heading back to work and want to stash some in the refrigerator/freezer for the nanny? Or, do you just want to pump to bottle feed the breast milk opposed to having the baby latch on the your breast? Well, then you certainly going to want to get your hands on either the Ameda Platinum or the Medela Symphony breast pumps. Both the Platinum and the Symphony breast pump mimic your baby’s natural habits by initiating a 2-phase expression. This starts the pump quickly, just like a baby first latches on and begins to suck quickly. When your milk begins to “let down” and flow steadily, the pump backs off to a slow and steady expression phase, just like a baby that is getting milk – they slow down into a “suck, suck, breathe” pattern.

Is your baby content feeding, and are you just looking for a pump to help relieve engorgement for the times your baby just doesn’t seem hungry? Do you have a full supply of milk and just want to pump and store between feedings? Then you’re looking for the Ameda Elite or the Medela Lactina breast pumps. Both of these pumps are hospital grade work horses, and offer superior comfort, suction and time saving than the mild-motored personal pumps. These pumps, while not incorporating the 2-phase expression, can still help you to keep your milk supply up and even increase it if used appropriately.

Unfortunately, there are cases where breastfeeding does not work for everyone. Even if breastfeeding seems to be going well in the hospital, we recommend renting a hospital grade for the home for a minimum of a month to ensure the process will work for you. If it continues to be successful, you can continue renting worry free, or look into purchasing a smaller pump from the store. In the unfortunate case where breastfeeding does not continue – you will not be out $300+.

Breastpump rentals are available everyday, and for as long as you wish to rent for. We offer FREE delivery in the Phoenix Metro Area (East Valley, West Valley, Desert Ridge, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, San  Tan Valley, Maricopa, and more…)

Want to lose the baby weight and save money?

You don’t have to “breastfeed” to give your baby (and yourself) all the added benefits of breast milk!

Formula, for a large canister, can cost anywhere from $17 to $35… That equates to more than $200 a month to feed your baby! Breast milk, for any size, is FREE! Not to mention it has natural immune boosters, all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and stimulants your baby needs to continue development and growth.

Your body also burns around 500 calories a day from producing breast milk… which it does automatically. What a great way to lose that baby weight!

If the thought of having your baby attached to you or solely dependent on you to be there for every feeding is deterring you from breastfeeding – you can pump! With an efficient, double, electric breast pump you can spend 15 minutes to collect the breast milk into bottles. Then another family member can have the opportunity to bond with the baby, and give mom a break! It’s also great for when mom goes back to work, or on that weekend girls trip…

Pumping is a great alternative for moms who want all the benefits of breast milk for their baby (and themselves!) when they are not interested or able to breastfeed!

We offer 4 different breast pumps that are all hospital grade (same ones your local hospital uses), as well as being electric and giving you the ability to extract milk from both breasts at the same time. Renting a breast pump has never been easier! Choose any of our 1, 2, or 3 month plans and have the pump delivered right to your door. When you’re all finished, we pick it up!

Same Great Service, Fresh New Look

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that Serenity Feeding Supplies is continuing it’s support for moms and babies with our new website! Exlpore and take a look! We’ve made it even easier to share information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and even Pintrest! That’s right, you can now PIN Serenity Feeding Supplies and Information right to Pintrest!

Here you’ll be able to find information about the hospital grade breast pump rentals available on the market, along with all the supplies and support you need to be successful.

We are also looking for moms to share their success stories (along with any trials and tribulations that came along with it) to help other moms know they’re not alone. Are you willing to share with us and let us post your story? If so, contact us and we’ll get you started!

Symphony Pumps, Elite Pumps, and Platinum Pumps. Serenity Feeding has them all for you – and don’t forget all of our pumps come with FREE delivery and pick up!

A New Look!

Serenity Feeding Supplies is taking a fresh approach to the World Wide Web and all of it’s inhabitants!

Here you will find the same great information on breast pumps, as well as even MORE information, help, and support on breast pumping and breastfeeding. We will be providing helpful tips and tricks for breastfeeding moms to get the most (literally) out of their experience. With our new interface you can comment and chat with other parents, share experiences and stories, and maybe even find someone going through the same things as you!

If you come up with questions, you can email us at serenity or leave us comment here and one of our expert staff will get back to you within 24 hours!